Students Pass 10th Boards!

On 2nd June 2010, JMC organised a event to celebrate the achievement of the students attending the remedial education classes.
All students have passed their 10th board exams this year.

The students and their parents participated in the event and were congratulated by Ms. Vimala Ramakrishnan.
The children worked really hard and that is why this result was made possible. This was Jaishankar's dream and it has come true.

Then Chaya Pravin talked about the importance of the right kind of enviornment and guidance, she said it would definitely help in doing a lot of the children and that everyone present are a good example of that. The parents shared their experience, tney said that they had seen their children coming for the remedial education classes since the children were in 8th standard. They said that the classes had helped their children do well and grow.

The children celebrated further and also wrote a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Shankaran.
Read their letter to Mr. and Mrs.
Read reply Mr. and Mrs.