Rights of the Girl Child

Date: 8th December 2011
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Venue – India International Centre Annex, K K Birla, Lodi Road
India Alliance for Child Rights (IACR) had organized a workshop on the rights of girl children on the occasion of ‘Girl Child Day’. Eleven girls ranging from 12 to 17 years participated in the workshop from JMC.  There were girls who had come from schools and along with other NGOs, around a hundred girls participated. A game was initiated to help all the girls remember each other’s names. 
The girls were then told about Girl Child Day and its significance. They were divided into groups of ten and were given puzzles which they had to solve using picture cards that were provided. The solution formed images that depicted various situations like – violence against children, child labour, attack on the rights of children, child marriage, etc. Then the girls were asked to write on the topics on a chart paper. After this the children discussed topics like – parents passing on their perceptions to the children, parents not bothering about the likes and dislikes of their children, children having to do as they are told, the family thinking less about the children and more about what the world thinks, etc.
The children from JMC participated enthusiastically in the discussion. They asked questions, sang songs, made illustrations and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.