Exploring Art with children of JMC

Art and explore was a art class for students initiated by me, Aman. This was open to our students who could join the sessions and understand different types of artwork and based on their understanding, create their own art.  Students were facilitated to explore their surrounding from an arts perspective.  The initiative was to assist students to express themselves and to communicate with others.Art with Aman

Two age groups (a senior and a junior) participated in the online sessions. In the first session we talked about - what is Art, and How to look at art?  In the second, I shared my art work for them to see, understand and to question and find answers. In the third session, we did memory drawing where they have to use their imagination and draw from memory.

In the fourth, we did a memory composition, where they had to draw from memory and add one object that was given and make a composition using the two. In the fifth session, we learnt how to do framing and still life and how to draw it. And finally, in the sixth, we learnt to draw natural objects and to understand their texture.

Art and Explore was started in June during the lockdown period. Being interested in art this was basically an idea to start utilizing students’ time in a productive manner.  We started with zoom classes, and halfway, some of the children were able to come to the centre and it turned into normal classes.Art with Aman

The students were enthusiastic and focused in their work. I found a sense of curiosity in them, and they wanted to learn more and more! When I gave a task, they would complete and wanted to learn and produced new work. Here are some samples of their work.

I had a great time with them, teach and learning from them!!