Celebrating the success

Celebrating success 2018

JMC organized a farewell on 11th July 2018, for 10th, 12th and graduate students who had completed their respective exams. JMC hall was decorated with colorful flowers & rangoli & ‘Congratulations to all students’ written on the blackboard. At 3:30pm when the program was to start,the sky was filled with dark clouds and hence there were very few children.However, gradually all the children came.

The program started with Bobby welcoming everybody. Following the welcome, some interesting games were organized for the ex-students which helped them to express their happiness and sharingtheir experiences, and the challenges they had to face and overcome.  All the students expressed their feelings about their teacher and JMC team with great emotion. One of the teachers, Atul and the Program coordinator Chhaya praised the students for their hard work & effort.  It was also mentioned that students had excelled and went beyond the teacher’s expectation. One of the parentswhen called upon to speak, expressed his view that JMC is a very helpful place to our children, and personal attention is paid to each and every student.

Celebrating success

Members of JMC were also present and those who could not come had sent messages which were read out. The remedial student of 10thclass that is the current batch presented a skit on education.  The skit gave the message to the children that if you do work hard you can achieve the success and excellence that you deserve.

Celebrating success

Greeting cards were made by younger students were given to each of the successful students in wishing them a bright future & success in life.  It was a wonderful program and all the students were very happy they took a number of selfies and the group photos were taken by Ashish and Guddi.  The enjoyable evening ended with tea and snacks organized by Guddi Rani and Bobby Nayak.