Knowledge Management

Jaishankar Memorial Centre, established in 1990, commenced its activities with the inaugural lecture by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer on "The solidarity of the Indian People" in March 1991. A number of seminars followed this on the themes of Indian Federalism and Indian Democracy. These events have attracted a wide and distinguished audience and inspired some thought provoking papers.

Under its Knowledge Management program, the Centre will (i) carry out scientific research in topics related to the well-being of the Indian people, (ii) facilitate exchange of findings and thoughts among serious scholars, through round table conferences and seminars, (iii) create a useful reference library on its web site for social science researchers, and (iv) publish books and conference proceedings as its contribution to knowledge that is relevant for solving socio-economic problems of India. 

In particular, the Centre will seek to engage and energize youth, including school and college students, to participate in debate and discussion, through innovative programs using modern communication techniques.  It will encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking that challenges established views and entrenched prejudices.