The Jasola Gang of Mobilisers excel!

Students from Lady Irvin College, Maria Khan & Sonam Dhingra came to learn with us and to contribute to building communication skills of the youth in our GRC catchment area.
Mariya and Sonam started their work in December 2012 for about 15 days and then they were in touch with the area once a week. The objective of their assignment was to:
  • To identify, formulate and train a group of young adolescents (that the GRC is in contact with) in the Jasola area so as to build their capacities to be able to work as Potential Community Mobilisers.
  • To prepare them as communicators in the community, carrying key messages and information that would be related to the community’s development.
In this short period, the two young women had used their skills to communicate to a set of youth (between the ages of 12 to 19) by using various communication tools so that the local youth could depict “their lives and views”.
Sonam and Maria used ice breakers, the UNFPA games [designed for adolescents to share information and experiences in an interactive mode; they discuss and analyze their growing up issues and concerns in the context of life skills required to negotiate this phase of their life]; they then went on to get the young girls and boys to develop grassroot comics [Cantastoria] and stick puppets.
This group calling themselves the Jasola gang of mobilisers, came to Darshan building to share their experiences and learning. It was astounding their presentation, as they anchored the entire show with great aplomb and confidence related their stories.
It was an event to remember and appreciate. Around 15 students from LIC, their teachers, Dr. Archana and Ms. Shweta also participated along with staff and volunteers of JMC and New Concept.
With one voice, we would say “Kudos to Sonam and Maria and the Jasola Gang of Mobilisers!
Presenting with ease and confidence
Using the UNFPA games