The Interns at JMC

True to its objective, JMC has been and continues to encourage young people who are eager to study issues that concern society. As a result, interns from different parts of India and across the globe have been encouraged and welcomed to work with JMC and to contribute their learning.

Denver University Interns (Summer 2014)

Interns – from Denver University (DU) 
We welcome Meghan Prentiss and Pyper Scharer from Denver University. They will be working with JMC and New Concept this summer.
Meghan Prentiss is doing her Master of Arts in International Development Denver, Colorado, USA and a Global Health Affairs Certificate – Concentration in Project Management. Earlier to this she worked as a data specialist in Lyons, Colorado, where she communicated with local community leaders and mayor in the Town of Lyons flood recovery committee about their specific data needs. She identified and created a vulnerability index of seven key variables to use for identifying the immediate population in need including those most affected. She also trained and advised the recovery committee on data content, merging new data, and how to use Microsoft Excel for their data needs. Meghan has worked with the African Community Centre, and much earlier in mid-2013, with UHURU , on a collaborative project between her university and Massai Mara, Kenya, where as an intern, she Designed/conducted individual and key informant water sanitation and hygiene pilot surveys; Engaged with local IDP resettlement community, Jikaze, to develop an evaluation of social entrepreneurship activities in lettuce farming and chicken coups and identified and reported regional fundraising and grant opportunities to the Development Director. In the first half of this year, Meghan has worked on water issues. Meghan comes from the state of Arizona and this is her first trip to India.

Pyper Scharer is originally from Seattle, and is doing her Master of Arts in International Development, Certificate in Global Health Affairs, from DU, Colorado. With a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Gender & Women’s Studies Sequence, Pyper has in the summer of 2010-2011 worked with Nirman an organisation in Varanasi (yes, this is her second trip to India), where she Co-taught mathematics to classes of 10-25 elementary school students at every grade level, facilitated production of Montessori-based teaching aids with local materials and integrated aids into mathematics curriculum by teaching students and teachers on how to use them. Besides several internship and summer stints, interestingly Pyper has worked with Barbara Hyde Evans Design Seattle, WA, as an Operations Associate June – August 2012, wherein she coordinated and executed administrative and operational functions in support of a residential and commercial interior architecture and design firm, analyzed, redesigned, and implemented revised organizational systems to improve efficiency of designers and conducted strategic communication with, and transportation to and from, showrooms and receivership.

Denver University Interns (Summer 2013)

Interns – from Denver University (DU)
Summer - 2013 – worked with New Concept & JMC over two months

Kelly Harvard is a MA candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Relations at the University of Denver where she studies Global Health and Economic Development. Kelly has long been interested in women's health and has focused her research on maternal and child health at JKSIS. Kelly is also interested in health metrics and how data can inform decision making. Her goal is to eventually work for an international NGO on a programmatic level. She has been enjoying her work at JMC/GRC and is still trying to get adjusted to the heat.

Yizhe Xu studies in the DU Global Health Affairs and Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration program. Previously she worked in a technology start up company in Shanghai, China. At DU Yizhe has been interested in improving people's health and the use of technology in developing world. Her goal is to work with a multinational organization on programs around the world.

Denver University Interns (Summer 2012)

Interns – from Denver University (DU)
Summer - 2012 – worked with New Concept & JMC over two months
Gregory Arthur Maly who worked with New Concept Information Systems (NCIS) and Jaishankar Memorial Centre during the summer of 2012, is a Masters Degree candidate at Josef Korbel School of International Studies at University of Denver in Colorado, a research assistant at the schools Global Health Affairs Program, and a course facilitator and technology consultant with the Institute for Technology and Social Change in Washington, DC. With just under a decade of professional experience in the fields of diplomacy and development, his work has ranged from that of practicing interpersonal conflict resolution and community based research and development at the grassroots level, including in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, to designing conflict management tools for peacebuilding practitioners around the globe.
Majo Aldana is a candidate of Masters in International Studies from Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver (DU), Colorado. She has been associated with many international research organizations like Center for Disease Control, Population Council, Institute for Reproductive Health, and UNDP. While working with these organizations, she has been involved in various initiatives on health, education, gender, and family planning, under capacities of research assistant, fieldwork researcher and consultant.

Denver University Interns (Summer 2010)

Interns – from Denver University (DU)
Summer -2010 – will be working with New Concept & JMC over two months
Blaire Davis - Studies in the DU Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration program, and has a strong background in program evaluation and economics (BA). She will lead on programmatic and facility issues, taking the lead on facility surveys and studying integration with RSBY, Apollo, Smart Cards, etc. Blaire has worked in Thailand and traveled quite a bit in India.
Sarah Miller - Studies in the DU International Development program and has a strong human rights background. She would approach the community health question from the community standpoint, focusing on community capacity and leadership, mobility and settlement tenure issues, and participatory mapping, as well as matching programs to community needs. She has worked on short projects in India and in Africa.
Britt Reiersgord - Student in the DU International Administration program, will take the lead on overall project management and rationalization, helping with planning, putting all of the different data elements -- especially the technical implementation of mapping in the lab and in the field. Britt is the unofficial GIS point person, and also a whiz at database management. Britt has spent a fair amount of time in Cameroon.
Nicole Wong - is completing the DU- MA in International Studies and plans to apply to medical school as soon as she finishes. She is completing the same strenuous course load as the others while working a fulltime job at the Department of Homeland Security. Though not traveled much for work, Nicole did her BA thesis on plague and influenza outbreaks in colonial India has been focusing on sex workers in India. As an undergrad at DU she did a major in history with a triple minor in bio, chemistry, physics (pre-med). 

Interns in the previous years

In 2007-08, four young men from the T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal, Karnataka, namely,  Aayara Shaheer, Manish Vidhani, Rishi Batra and Satish Chandra Mishra conducted a water resource mapping at Madanpur Khadar Extension. The objective of the project was to study the issues pertaining to the supply of water in Madanpur Khadar Extension. The need for this project was felt in lieu of the previous studies conducted by JMC which showed extremely high levels of vulnerability of children to the drinking water in the area. Consequently, it was understood that adults would be equally affected by the same. The study focused on the supply side issues related to water in the area.
In the summer of 2008, Nilay Raha, from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar was with us at Darshan, undergoing his summer internship with New Concept and JMC for almost three months. During this period, Nilay documented and tried to understand various facets of JMC’s work at the centre and in Kachhi colony.
In this same summer of 2008, we had young Colette Lidell, MA student from Denver University, Colarado, USA. She was with us for some time at JMC. During this period, she won the hearts of the young adolescent girls who were getting trained at the vocational centre of our GRC. She worked on a draft course outline for community health workers based on interactions with the young women and their families, and her knowledge of maternal and child health. This is what she had to say:

The opportunity to work with New Concept and JMC as part of my Master’s degree in Global Health has provided me an education that I would have never received in the classroom.  Working with a wide variety of knowledgeable specialists who are proficient in the issues facing maternal and child health in India today has been the greatest gift. I am leaving with a greater sense of the inter-relatedness of disease and poverty, and further understand the value of implementing sound, realistic and sustainable programmes for the people. I plan to carry this experience with me, and hope to instill these ideals among my colleagues and professors as we continue to work toward understanding and improving the picture of international health. Given my remarkable experience working with GRC at Kachhi colony and New Concept, and my love for Indian people and culture, I know India will remain my personal focus during the remainder of my studies, and I hope to return to work with JMC and New Concept in the near future.
And she did! This year in 2009, Colette came back with Ashley Marks and Sarah Cook-Scalise.
The three of them braved the over 45 degree centigrade heat and conducted an intensive health mapping exercise using their GPS and armed with sets of interview schedules!
In Ashley’s words: “It feels right to be surrounded by it, like I’m in the right place, or on the right track. It’s a fantastic feeling to know you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing…and it’s equally fantastic to be surrounded by people who are doing the same thing”.
And Sarah said: “It was a great summer, inspite of the heat! So much to learn, I would love to come back again”.
They made an excellent presentation to Ms. Rashmi Singh, Director, Mission Convergence, Government of Delhi. Impressed with the serious work of the interns, Ms. Rashmi Singh has suggested a follow up presentation with the Health Secretary!
To view the presentation made by them…click here
JMC thanks Dr. Randall Kuhn, Dean, Public Health, Denver University without whose support and encouragement this would not have been possible.

Profile of Interns from Denver University (2009-2010)

Ashley Marks is pursuing her MA in International Development with a Certificate in Global Health Affairs at the University of Denver, Colorado. Since 2004, she has worked with Non-Governmental Organisations on various development projects in Thailand, Tanzania and Seattle. She is interested in a career in Global Health, particularly working on maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS prevention. This is her first time to India, but she hopes to return someday soon.
Colette Liddell is pursuing her MA in International Human Rights with a Certificate in Global Health Affairs at the University of Denver, Colorado.  Previously, she worked in finance for various wealth management firms. Through her graduate studies, Colette has focused primarily on India, and is especially interested in maternal and child health, and health of the urban poor. After working with New Concept Information Systems in the summer of 2008, she has returned this summer to help complete the surveying and mapping project. Colette loves India, and holds a special place in her heart for New Delhi.
Sarah Cook-Scalise graduated in June 2009 with an MA in International Human Rights and a Certificate in Global Health Affairs from the University of Denver, Colorado.  Last year, she helped develop and implement health training for female survivors of torture living in Denver. She hopes to work in human rights and global health and is especially interested in the intersection of human trafficking and health, and TB in urban settings.  She had always dreamed of coming to India and has enjoyed her first visit here immensely.
Meghan Anson is pursuing her MA in International Studies, concentrating in Global Health and Human Rights with a Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance at the University of Denver, Colorado. Previously, she worked for a microfinance NGO and environmental conservation NGO in Boston, Massachusetts. Through her graduate studies, she has focused on the intersections between food security, livelihoods, and nutrition and most recently interned with Save the Children-US working on these issues. This was her second time in India and she was thrilled to be back. Meghan worked with us at JMC/NC from January 11 to March 15, 2010.

Exploring Markets

Ruchi Sharma and Nitin Chaurasia, students of the Institute of Productivity Management, were with us at JMC for two months (summer of 2009). They observed the activities of JMC, participated in the Samajik Suvidha Sangam (SSS) survey and conducted a market feasibility study to feed into product selection decision that JMC could utilise in its work with Self Help Groups (SHGs).