Holi (2013) Celebration at JMC

 26th of March 2013, A Holi mela was organized on the festival of Holi. Every student participated and enjoyed that event. The Programme began with a welcome dance done by Neha Ramteke who tapped her little feet to the tune of the “Pushpanjali”. Thereafter, students of JMC charmed the audience with their dance. Students in the audience enjoyed every minute of the performances with joy.
When some members of GRC and women from the community started singing with Dholak, students could not stop themselves and they also started to dance. The evening ended with “Dhol -Dance” which was played by Deepak from accounts. This part was full of fun as it was participatory with each and one everyone, students, members of New Concept and JMC providing energy and happiness all-round; it was truly a colourful and joyous occasion.