Group discussion ensthuses young girls in Jasola

Around twelve young girls between the age of 13 years and 19 years joined the group discussion on a bright March morning at the Gender Resource Centre. The session was facilitated by two of our young staff members Bobby and Manju.
The girls were chattering and wondering what was going to be discussed! Manju and Bobby explained in very simple but in an interesting manner the the physical growth of a girl into a woman. Then the discussion started. There were a lot of questions and comments on what can be done and what should not be done.
Some of them were:
“What age does the menstrual cycle begin at? And is there a set age for it to occur”?
“At what age does the menstrual cycle come to an end”?
“Our mother tells us that we should not eat sour foods, cold foods or bathe since bathing helps stop the menstruation for some time”.
“During menstruation we have been told that we should be just sit in one place and not jump, run or do any heavy work, is this right”?
Each of these questions were taken up and clarified by the two facilitators. One of them commented: – “I really liked this discussion, and I feel like I have learned something new. I wish I had this knowledge before by menstrual cycle began. The first time I got my period I cried a lot, I remember!”
The young adolescent girls agreed to share their new found knowledge with their other friends and sisters, so that they could also empower themselves with the right information.