The Remedial Education (RE) intervention that began in 2003. This intervention has involved the running of regular after-school/before-school classes for the girls and boys of the village who attend the Government Secondary School. The children of the RE batch have all performed progressively better each year, and the first batch of children cleared their Class X Board exams successfully in 2007-08. Thereafter, two more batches of children have followed suit. The enrolment has been rising from 5-6 children to 10-12 on an average. There have hardly been any drop-outs.

Library: The RE intervention has been accompanied by a library (in collaboration with Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children) that is run for the primary school children who have been introduced into a culture of reading, arts & crafts, and today can stand in front of an audience to recite poems, sing songs, tell a story and perform a drama.

Both these programmes are significant given that the students are first generation learners, socially disadvantaged and living in an atmosphere far from conducive to academic pursuits. We have built a lot of self-respect and self-confidence in the youth who have attended our RE classes. We have been able to supplement their curriculum learning through computer education (in collaboration with Som Dutt Foundation) and also have imparted self-defense capacity through teaching of Kung-Fu.

The other main success of JMC has been in the area of women’s empowerment. JMC is a field NGO in the Delhi Government’s programme for women’s empowerment under the Samajik Suvidha Sangam (Mission Convergence) whose aim is to provide single window information on government programmes for women, enable better health and nutrition and the formation of SHGs for income generation through the setting up of a Gender Resource Centre (GRC). This is the third year of JMC’s participation in this programme.

In the context of GRC, JMC has successfully involved a team of interns from Denver University, U.S.A, for the second year this time. They are students of public health and human rights who have applied their knowledge to study the catchment areas of GRC for the status of women’s knowledge, attitude and practices on health, availability and accessibility of health services. The team has made useful recommendations on these issues. The same has been presented to the Department of Social Welfare, Government of New Delhi.

In the previous year, one of the interns had successfully worked on a draft manual for training of Community Health Workers and was awarded the Global Health Achievement (Summer Achievement) Award for the year 2008, at Denver University.

JMC has also successfully completed study/field survey projects for UNICEF, UNDP, World Vision, AKF, CASP, Department of Labour-Haryana and Ministry of Women and Child Development over the last five years on issues of evaluation of government programmes that address the issues of exclusion, issue of education of girl child, knowledge, attitude and practices of population with respect to HIV/AIDS, advocacy on HIV/AIDS within government ministries and departments, Child Labour in Faridabad District, etc.