Poonam the Master Trainer!

We at JMC and the GRC are proud that Poonam Sharma got selected as one of the Master Trainers, having successfully
participated in several training programmes herself (on legal aid by DLSA, on RSBY and UID by SSS).
The aim of the training was to situate the issue of equality in the society & to bring a change in the society. On being asked about her experiences, this is what Poonam had to say:
" I learnt about Gender equality, CEDAW (Convention for the elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) Patriarchy, history, Myths, etc. As a Master Trainer, I have learnt many skills which I have skilfully employed.
Every training was a new experience & a new learning process. By responding to questions of participants, I became more confident than before. So far 27 have participated in the 3 one day training sessions. It was good for me to learn many things & also to organize the training. The feedback from participants showed satisfaction and a good level of participation. It was very challenging work!"